How To Get The Minecraft 1.14 Village And Pillage Snapshot Update

minecraft 1.14 update

Here’s a simple tutorial how to access the new Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage snapshot update. A lot of viewers have asked how to get in and test out the new features. This tutorial will get you playing with the new Illager Beast, pillagers, wither rose, pandas, and more! Make sure you back your current Minecraft world up first!

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More Information About Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage:

The First Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

The first snapshot for 1.14 “Village & Pillage” is here, and oh boy, it’s a big one! With new items, new blocks, new mobs, new blocks, new enchantments, new blocks, new mechanics, even more new blocks, new commands, and not to forget all the new blocks – we’re pretty confident there’s something for everyone in this snapshot!

Best of all, this is just the first one! We have so many things coming to future snapshots, most of which you guys don’t even know about yet! Hurray!

However, as always the first snapshot is always the riskiest. We’re rewriting big chunks of the game with hopes of focusing on performance soon, so stability might be a little wonky at first. Please backup before opening your favourite worlds!

We’ve got a huge changelog for this snapshot, which we’re really proud of. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll find instructions on how to play (spoiler: start up your launcher and enable snapshots!)

They call it exotic. Which is just people talk for awesome. Which it is, which is why we’re so happy that we added it to the game.

Can be found in Jungles and the two new biomes: Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills
Can grow to a max height between 12 and 16 blocks
When bonemealed, bamboo will grow a 1-2 bamboo on the top
When struck with a sword, bamboo will instantly break
Two bamboo can be crafted into a single stick
Able to be used as fuel with 4 bamboo able to smelt a single item
Bamboo is able to be placed into Flower Pots
Bamboo can now be found in Shipwrecks and Jungle Temples

This is such a fun weapon that it makes us quiver!

Shoots arrows with base power slightly higher than the bow, but less durability
Three unique enchantments!
Fun, challenging advancements!
New loading mechanics!
Unique load animation!

Ravager? Behemoth? Got a name suggestion? Let us know!

Fearsome new foe who packs quite a wallop, grab your sword and shield and prepare to get knocked around!

We heed the call!

Pandas come in different variants and personalities! There is a rumour about a brown panda…
Pandas love bamboo… they kinda like cake as well
Pandas can be bred, and the variants are inherited by a special panda inheritance system
Pandas spawn natuarlly in the new bamboo forest biome
Pandas drop bamboo when killed
Most importantly: pandas are cute and terribly silly!
The babies are, in general, even more silly than their parents.
Pillagers are new type of mob added to the game. For now, it can only be spawned with a spawn egg or commands, but they’ll do more things in a later snapshot.

A new type of illager that, well, pillages!
Pillagers wield a new weapon, the crossbow!

Added Bamboo Blocks into the game
Added Bamboo Jungles in the world
Rewrote the book & quill editing to be more intuitive
Added Crossbows!
Added lots of new decorative blocks!
Added new dyes and flowers!
Added some community suggestions
Updated the credits list
Added in-game buttons for reporting bugs or giving feedback
Added Illager Beast
Added Loom into the game
Special banner patterns can now be crafted into a new item, Banner Patterns
We’re now using the new textures!
Added pandas!
Added Pillagers
Added suspicious stew – hmmmm!

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