It’s Full of Sparks Gameplay and Review

The Family Review Show takes a look at a new mobile app game called It’s Full of Sparks. Watch as we try to get these firecrackers into the water before they explode like their friends. This puzzle based game had us screaming!

More Information About It’s Full of Sparks

“Right when the spark of life is lighted, the countdown begins.”

It’s Full of Sparks is a frantic platform game where the player must run, jump, dodge and activate mechanisms to surmount different obstacles before time runs out. Time to complete each level is determined by the fuse of a firecracker. If it explodes it dies, and it never returns, so you have to try again with another firecracker, with another life. By the use of three coloured filters the blockages appear and disappear. And with just a finger tap the player can complete a lot of diverse actions.So that’s why It’s full of Sparks is easy to learn but hard to master. Its high difficulty curve leads the player through more than 80 levels in 4 different worlds: the Suburbs, the Desert, the Cave and the Great North.

The game is inspired by other frenetic video games like Super Meat Boy and Hot Line Miami but only in its short rounds and difficulty. However, It’s full of Sparks is suitable for all kind of players because an easy control tailored for mobile devices has been implemented. It has also something from puzzles and Simon, since the player must memorize a sequence and carry it out with a perfect precision.

“In this game we’ve consciously searched for the contrast between a funny and bright environment and the hidden message behind the game: life is short and being aware of that could shake you”. Jordi Antonijuan, developer.

The idea of It’s Full of Sparks comes from a game we used to play in our childhood. We wrote a message with a colored pencil and then we covered it with a cellophane wrap of the same color. The message magically disappeared! That’s exactly how the mechanics of It’s full of Sparks work, adding and taking off the colored filters you can make objects appear and disappear. It’s simple and extraordinary at the same time.

Then it comes the philosophy behind the game, more related to our personal existential insights. We’ve already passed our forties… Have you ever heard about Midlife Crisis? We look around and most people are desperately running to catch the remaining time. But, what’s at the end? In It’s Full of Sparks the firecracker is all the time running to keep alive but, what is a firecracker if it never explodes?

“To live is the rarest thing of the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde

Simple and engaging game mechanics: Use the colored glasses to change the world around you!
More than 80 levels that will destroy your nerves.
An original soundtrack that will do anything but relax you.
Activate colors to jump, fly, climb, dodge, activate mechanisms…
Memorize color sequences or act by pure reflex.
Colorblind-Friendly version

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