Pew Pew Sim
Video Game Reviews


The Family Review Show checks out the Roblox game Pew Pew Simulator and gives you three codes to get you started on your Pew Pew Sim journey! You Might Also Like: More Information […]

Ultimate Minecraft Secrets Book
Book Reviews

Ultimate Minecraft Secrets

Luke shows everyone the tips and tricks he learned in his new Ultimate Minecraft Secrets book! Learn about Ocean Monuments, how to summon lightning, what mobs lightning can transform, swim faster up chests, and how […]

Brawl Stars Duo
Video Game Reviews

Father & Son Brawl Stars Duos

The Family Review Show has taken their new Brawl Stars obsession to a new level! Watch as Dad and Luke do several father and son Showdown Duos! You Might Also Be Interested In: More Information […]

hover soccer
Toy Reviews

Hover Soccer Set Review

The Family Review Show takes a look at the Betheaces Hover Soccer Set! We’ve never played with any kind of hover toy, and even though Dad is skeptical of a ball really hovering, he is […]

Fun Run 3 Update
Video Game Reviews

Fun Run Winter Event Update

Fun Run 3 just released its new 2018 Winter Event Update! Players now have the chance to collect 1,500 snowmen a day for great prizes. For $7.99 players can earn special premium presents every day! […]

Swing Star VS Stickman Hook Review and Gameplay
Video Game Reviews

Swing Star VS Stickman Hook

The Family Review Show compares two of the top games in the App Store, Swing Star and Stickman Hook. Despite looking the same, both games offer differences. Will Dad and Luke like the same game, […]

evil nun
Video Game Reviews

Evil Nun Review and Gameplay

Luke and Dad did another episode of Scary Review Show, this time playing the game Evil Nun. I actually thought this was scarier than Granny. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Nutter Butter Cereal
Cereal Reviews

Nutter Butter Cereal Review

The Family Review Show tries out the new Nutter Butter cereal. Is it better with or without milk? How does this peanut butter flavored cereal compare to Reeses’s Puffs? Will this become Luke’s new favorite […]

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